Store Insights

Access real-time dashboards and quickly export date range reports to enable you to stay on top of your store metrics and make data driven decisions.
Dashboard mockup

Extensive e-commerce metrics

Access 150+ store metrics, including metrics not offered by Shopify default reports.

Thoroughly tested to be 100% correct, so you can take data driven decisions with confidence.

Customisable dashboards

Access all store metrics real-time on the Infino dashboard - no data delays, no second guessing!

Our fully customisable dashboard allows you to add or remove cards, change the order, and keep only metrics you want to track regularly.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Scheduled notifications

Schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox daily at specific times - now you can enjoy them with your daily morning coffee!

Want to be notified when certain metrics go outside of a threshold limit? Set a signal and receive a notification as soon as it happens!

Increase your Shopify revenue now!

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Zero impact on site speed
100% encrypted data. Safety assured!