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Audience Segmentation

Unlock the power of targeted marketing

Segment your customers like never before and reach out to them based on their behaviour. Create targeted campaigns that resonate and drive results. It's like having a personal connection with every customer.

Use pre-made segments

We automatically categorise your store customers into 8 distinct segments based on their recency, frequency and monetary value.

Create custom segments

Want a group of customers who used a particular discount code? Not a problem. With over 70 properties to choose from, you can quickly and easily create custom segments to suit your needs.
Learn how segments can help you retain users ->
Cohort based lifetime value

Tailored insights to understand cohorts.

Harness the power of our cohort analysis to compute lifetime value, repeat rate, and other essential metrics.

Understand your customers' journey in segmented groups, personalizing their experience and unlocking new growth opportunities.
Learn how you can unlock real customer value ->
product profile

Know your products, inside out.

Get deep insights into every product's performance, including conversion rate, return rates and 30 other essential metrics. Our product profile feature helps you plan inventory better, identify bestsellers and optimise pricing.
Know how better inventory means better revenue ->
customer profile

Your customers, up close & personal.

From location to churn probability, explore 20 parameters that define your customers. Our customer profile feature offers a comprehensive view, helping you understand, connect, and serve better.
Know your customer better to identify trends ->
net promoter score

Hear what your customers have to say

Want feedback? retainwise makes it easy. Send automated NPS emails after delivery, or whenever you wish to. Gather opinions, understand experiences, and elevate your brand.

Listening is the first step to loyalty.
Know how monitoring NPS can help your store ->
30+ store metrics

Your store, analysed & optimized

From bestseller lists to vital store statistics like repeat customer revenue, retainwise's 30+ store metrics offer you the insights you will ever need to succeed. Know what works, understand your store's pulse, and make data-driven decisions that deliver growth.

Your store's success story starts here.
Why are store metrics important in your growth journey ->

Integrates with your favourite tools

Automatically sync Retainwise data with your marketing stack. With over 10 integrations available out of the box, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.

Say goodbye to manually uploading data!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will installing Retainwise app slow down the store performance?
Absolutely not! Installing Retainwise will have no effect whatsoever to your store performance and loading times. We do post-purchase analysis, so we do not insert any code into your website.
Can I share my customer lists into a messaging platform?
Yes! Retainwise helps you slice and dice data, then export those relevant customers into various messaging and advertising platforms such as Twilio, Sendgrid, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Mailchimp and so on. If your required integration is not covered in our existing set of integrations, we will be happy to build it for you.
How fast and accurate are your reports?
Retainwise uses a combination of Shopify APIs and webhooks to keep the data as real-time as possible. If an order is visible in your Shopify store dashboard, it should show up in Retainwise in less than 10 minutes. The delay primarily is due to the data encryption that runs in the background.
How are you different from Shopify Analytics?
While Shopify Analytics offers a basic level of data for all store owners, Retainwise allows for a more in-depth analysis of your business. We have a Shopify comparison article where we do a deep dive into how Retainwise differs from Shopify Analytics.
Will Retainwise use my data for anything other than analytics?
No. Your data belongs to you, similar to how a shipping partner has access to your details but does not own them. We process your data solely to provide you with insights. Consider us as a helpful member of your team, working to increase your revenue. To increase data security at Retainwise, we encrypt all sensitive information to have access to.
What is Retainwise?
Simply put, Retainwise helps you increase your store revenue by using the data that you already own - your customers. We analyse their purchase history and other metrics to give you actionable insights that will increase your store revenue.

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